What is The Most Optimal Way to Restore a Brother Printer?

 Posted by Brother Support on December 23, 2017

Brother printers are absolutely reliable printing peripherals, but they do tend to get marred by issues such as the Toner issues, drum issues, and issues with the indicator. While, there are separate tailored ways to handle all of them, a rudimentary Brother printer reset can assist you just the same. This process might be final, but there is no denying of its effectiveness.

However, a word of caution; a factory reset will re-invigorate your printing peripheral, but it might will also remove some pending print jobs. While the loss of this data is kind of miniscule, if you are looking for a more comprehensive fix of the issues, our Brother Printer Support team suggests looking into our more comprehensive solutions. But, for the time being, follow the following steps to reset printer:

  • Turn the power down of your device.
  • While the power is done, press upon and hold down the Go button.
  • While you have held on to the Go button, turn the system back on again.
  • Turning the system back on at this stage, will trigger the three indicators to slip into action. At that moment, press upon the Go button ten more times.
  • Now, you need to wait until the ready light is lit.

The ready light indicator is the sign that your system is now factory reset. The resetting procedure will make sure that all the error lights are off indicating that the issues are fixed.

Once you have completed the reformatting of your peripheral device, you will need to re-install the printer driver, re-test the printer and if the issues still persists, look for specialized help. Furthermore, the device might not catch on just yet. Therefore, you might have to restart the device. Additionally, this process of finality has been successful in most of the printer including, Brother HL-2240, HL-2230, HL-2270DW, HL-2280DW etc.

As we have already mentioned, the method mentioned has an essence of finality to it. To that end, it will suit you best to get in touch with our Brother Printer support team via our toll-free Brother Printer Support Number Canada +1-844-478-5758. The experts will be able to assist you in any measure you deem necessary and will provide you with satisfactory troubleshoots that will not only resolve your issues, but will also breath a new life into your printers.

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